Bilyara Hostel Permanent Care Services and Costs

Permanent Care

Outside view

Outside view

This option is for when you are no longer able to be cared for at home. Bilyara provides both high and low care accommodation as well as meals and all your personal care needs.
Care and services include:

Accommodation services (also known as ‘hotel services’):

  • administration
  • maintenance of grounds and buildings
  • utilities
  • furnishings
  • bedding
  • cleaning
  • waste disposal
  • laundry
  • basic toiletry goods
  • meals
  • social activities at the home
  • assistance in emergencies.

Personal care assistance with:

  • bathing, showering, personal hygiene and grooming
  • maintaining continence
  • eating
  • dressing
  • moving
  • communicating
  • emotional support
  • administering medicines and carrying out treatments
  • designing a rehabilitation program
  • arranging access to health professionals
  • managing effects of any cognitive impairment.

What costs are involved when coming into permanent care?

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The basic daily care fee remains the same for permanent care as it does for respite care, which is currently $49.42 per day. This fee is calculated by the Government to be set at 85% of the single basic Aged Pension. The daily care fee will increase when the Aged Pension increases which is twice per year, 20th March and 20th September.

The Department of Human Services (Centrelink) requires a Combined Assets and Income Assessment Form (SA457) to be completed for each person that enters into Permanent Care. This form will ask for details of your financial situation based on assets and income. The result of this form (decided by Centrelink) will determine whether you are liable to pay an additional daily fee (on top of the daily care fee above). Once this form has been completed, it can be returned to Centrelink using the address on page 2 of the form.

You may be asked to pay an accommodation bond. This varies depending on which room you move into. The maximum price that can be charged for Pengilly, Lachlan Waugoola and West Wings as well as Ganya Cottage (dementia unit) are $290,000 or $45.28 per day. All other rooms are $280,000 or $43.72 per day.

You have 28 days after entering a home to decide how you want to pay your accommodation bond. You can choose:

  • A refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) is a lump sum payment, the balance of which is refunded when you leave.
  • A daily accommodation payment (DAP) is a rental style payment that is paid on a regular basis, payable up to a month in advance, and is not refundable.
  • A combination of the two.

RAD: The full accommodation bond is paid and the balance is refundable when you leave. If the bond is not paid upfront, ie, a house needs to be sold and takes several months to finalise, an interest charge is calculated and deducted off the accommodation bond when refunding.

DAP: You can choose not to pay any of the accommodation bond as a lump sum and instead have it calculated as a daily fee. This fee is payable in addition to the basic daily care fee ($49.42) and any means tested care fee you may have to pay. The maximum DAP (based on a $290,000 room) is $45.28.

Combination: An example of a combination payment is as follows (based on a $290,000 room). You could pay 50% of the RAD, ie, $145,000 and 50% of the price by DAP, ie, $22.64. The $22.64 can be deducted off the $145,000 already paid, ie, when you leave, your refund would be $145,000 less the DAP of $22.64 per day x how many days you were a resident here as well as any interest charges that may apply.