Bilyara Hostel Admission Pack

Admission Pack

The admission pack contains the admission paperwork that needs to be completed prior to admission to Bilyara.  Each section needs to be completed and returned to the facility at least 1 day prior to your admission date.  The contents of the admission pack can be downloaded as individual files or as a zip file containing the whole pack here.

Admission pack contents.

  1. Front Page
  2. Table of Contents Page
  3. Welcome Page
  4. Coming in for Care
  5. Information Sheet for Residents
  6. Resident Admission Form
  7. Resident Admission Checklist
  8. Resident Assessment Form
  9. Advance Care Plan Questions
  10. Consent form to collect personal information
  11. Privacy, dignity & Authorisation Assessment
  12. Valuables Form Assessment
  13. Dietary Needs Profile
  14. Activity & Interest Checklist
  15. Client Profile Form (Social History)
  16. PoA vs Enduring Guardian
  17. Legal Issues for Older People
  18. Aged Care Complaints Commissioner My Aged Care